Construction Security

Construction Security

Protecting your job site

Construction sites are vulnerable for several reasons—very expensive equipment, materials on hand, and the potential for injury. During the day, maintaining control over access during work hours can ensure that only those who should be on the site are present. After hours, equipment, tools and materials need to stay on the site, while the public is denied access. Establishing a strong perimeter is essential.

Central Protection works with site management to develop a plan that is tailored to the specific construction site. Both interior and exterior patrols are available. We expect our guards to provide detailed logs that are current to within 30 minutes. Both day and night, Central Protection management conducts random checks to verify that our security officers are fulfilling their duties.

Recent Projects

Juanita High School, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, Mercer Island Hight School, Kindred Hospital, Via 6 Apartments, Hilton Garden Inn, Gallery Condos.