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School Security Services

In recent times, security guard services for schools, colleges and universities have increased dramatically. This is the result of recent on-campus Columbine-like shootings, rapes, assaults and other violent acts. CP pays special attention to this important ‘niche’ in the security industry. Part of our company’s training and educational programs deals specifically with the school-specific needs that security guards are expected to be knowledgeable in.

Obviously, security guards assigned to school, college and university environments have challenges based upon the size and diversity of these environments that require, among other things, that they be unusually vigilant of people and places on any campus. This requires a full-shift awareness that extends well beyond the norm and an understanding of the psychology of criminals who perpetrate on-campus crimes. They must also be keenly aware of any persons on campus who may be in the possession of weapons. CP anticipates that this segment of our business will dramatically increase over the next several years.