Workplace Security

Our officers are armed and can be highly visible or stationed discreetly.

The merger of a company can cause layoffs. Terminating an employee, even for legitimate reasons, can target a company for workplace violence. A good employee in the midst of family issues can become the target of an alienated family member. You never know when someone will turn up in the workplace with violent intentions. 

Having security staff on hand with experience in high risk threats can make a major difference. Working with a security company that has a Special Response Team can save innocent lives. 

Labor disputes also increase the need for perimeter security and regulation of who goes into and comes out of a facility. When you hire Central Protection to provide workplace security, we work with you to guarantee that our security officers are prepared for any contingency. We’ll help you create the kind of stress-free environment your employees will look forward to spending time in each day.

Our team will make sure that your workplace remains fully functional and that any at-risk employees makes it safely off the property without incident. 

Executive Protection Specialists

Executive Protection Specialists